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The Intuitive Consultant

Change the Things You Think You Cannot Change

Katherine McIntosh is an International Intuitive Consultant, World Class Energy Worker, Author, and Speaker.  Everyone who has worked with Katherine says:

"You can't explain it, you just have to experience it." From Health, to business, to relationships, to death, court cases, house clearings, business clearings, and more, Katherine's scope of genius lies in being able to change things that can't be seen and in turn has helped create results that sometimes seem impossible. Katherine has facilitated classes & worked with clients all over the world including London, Paris, Rome, Dubai, Dublin, Los Angeles, Toronto, Chicago, New York City, Aspen, Palm Beach, Sydney, Melbourne, Mexico, Bimini, and more! Katherine uses her background in Somatic Psychology, Energy Medicine, Movement Therapy, and Consciousness to invoke true lasting change in people’s lives. 

 Jack Canfield said her new book Don’t Diet. Be Happy. was "A Game Changer, Pattern, Interrupt, Major Disrupter, and Should be required reading for everyone." It is a bold, emotional, practical, and personal memoir that offers tools to create your best body, business, and life by focusing on the things that really matter. Katherine lives in Aspen with her son where she can be found hiking, skiing, biking, doing yoga, playing with her son and enjoying all this beautiful life has to offer.


What brought us to this valley

I came to the Valley in 2014. I had always been fascinated by Aspen, and every time I visited, I just knew I had to be here. With a direct nudge from a friend, she said, I don't want to hear you talk about when you are going to move here, talk to me when you decide to do it. Two weeks later, I packed my bags and started to call Aspen home.

Favorite Spots

Maroon Bells

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