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Mari Frankel

Mari Frankel directed the 'Foster Shock' documentary in 2016. 'Foster Shock' takes a first hand look at what happens to children when they are taken from their abusive families and become dependents of the State of Florida. 'Foster Shock' examines Florida's 'privatized' foster care system. It explains the Community Based Care (CBC) concept: how CBC's were designed to work for the child's benefit and why they are off course. 'Foster Shock' examines the massive amounts of taxpayer dollars being spent with little oversight and accountability, in addition, how this has lead to an over reliance on group homes, many of which are for profit. Through personnel stories told by former foster youth, this film allows the audience an opportunity to hear heart wrenching accounts of how Florida has failed its children. Common themes that are apparent through the stories of these young adults are: sexual abuse, overuse of psychotropic medication, Baker Acts and separation of siblings. In addition to showcasing these youths, 'Foster Shock' will share interviews with Florida's finest professional experts in child welfare. This film also showcases a Florida CBC that has shown measurable success in child placement, staff turnover and permanency.



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My family owned a restaurant called The Shaft from 1967-87. I lived here on and off since I was 7!

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