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Luxuri Aspen, Aspen Real Estate Company

Online Travel Guides and Concierge Services, Business Podcast, Vacation and Exotic Car Rentals

Jonathan Campau owns Luxuri Marcos Rodriguez owns Aspen Real Estate Company

Kasey Booth runs Luxuri Aspen and creates online travel guides to Aspen. She is also launching “The Aspen Pod,” a podcast interviewing business owners in Aspen and talking about business, Aspen,  and the people who make it special. In addition, she does vacation rentals, rents exotic cars, provides concierge services/vacation planning services, and she is a broker associate with Aspen Real Estate Company. 

Her entrepreneurial journey has uniquely prepared her to come into Aspen with a strong marketing position. In real estate, she relies on proven strategies to locate clientele, win deals, and deliver the highest level of customer service possible. Staying apprised of market data and trends informs all the decisions and advice she supplies to her clients. No one can make it to the top alone, and because of that, Kasey has a strong team working alongside her to deliver the results her clients are looking for.

Kasey is  a person of abundance and believes there is enough business to go around. That is why she is launching a podcast interviewing business owners and service providers in Aspen to show off who she believes to be incredibly special people doing important work. Providing exposure and camaraderie is one way she wants to contribute to the local businesses in town. This podcast along with her online travel guides are quickly becoming a cornerstone in her business. Providing concierge services is better when guests coming to Aspen can see who they are working with beforehand and maintain a level of respect and appreciation.


What brought us to this valley

I have always wanted to live in the mountains and have lived in Colorado for years. I love the easy access to the outdoors and the lifestyle Aspen offers. 

Vacation rentals with is the business that brought me specifically to Aspen. We have been bringing clients to Aspen from our client base for over 3 years and finally decided to make the permanent move in 2022. We currently have 15 homes in our Aspen portfolio, 40+ homes in our Miami portfolio and are continuing to see growth. 

Favorite Spots

Dinner at Steakhouse 316

Biking Rio Grande Trail

Skiing and Sipping hot chocolate

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