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Cocoonandhive and LivAspenArt


Olivia Daane received a B.A. From Vanderbilt University in 1992. She then studied with Syracuse University’s undergraduate and graduate programs in Florence, Italy followed by an apprenticeship with internationally-recognized artist Paul Harmon.Olivia opened her LIVASPENART STUDIO in 2006 and LIVASPENART GALLERY on Cooper Avenue in Aspen, Co in February 2011-October 2013. LivAspenArt Studio, Gallery, and Wellness Cafè, is located at the base of Highlands Mountain and exhibits paintings, works on paper, sculpture, video and sound installation. Olivia is still focused on showing the best of emerging works by artists living in the Roaring Fork Valley.  Email to schedule a time to stop by the studio and gallery to see finished works and works in progress by rotating local artists in residence. Art classes are also available by request.Olivia’s paintings have been exhibited by Opera Gallery Aspen since 2017. She is a painter(known for her butterfly series begun in 2008), art consultant, songwriter, wordsmith and mom. She has recently been appointed as a Global Solutions Committee member by the U.S. State Department.  Olivia’s brand, Cocoon and Hive, brings you LIVBionic, America’s first FDA confirmed general wellness activewear brand powered by Nanobionic technology- improving circulation so you can work, perform, play, sleep and recover with energy to spare. Visit and to learn more.


What brought us to this valley

I came to visit Aspen with girlgriend from Vanderbilt our Freshman year and spent all my time thinking about how to move here from that magical visit onward. After a few summers here including 1991, I moved here full time in 1997. I came for the winter and actually still stay for the winter! I fell in love with skiing and the mountains from the moment I met them!

I started painting butterflies in 2008 when I showed them during Art Basel Miami at Bridge Miami. Can you believe I am still painting them and still fascinated by the magical realities they contain. From biomimicry and design in the v-shaped structure of their black wings, to their expression of metamorphosis, the coexistence of fragility and strength and the power of nature— they are the perfect muse. I also have a passion for trees as they are the true respiratory organ for our planet. These recent works focus on my love of water; its healing properties and power. I am striving to capture the grace of the ephemeral. I aim  with color and gesture to convey  the beauty I find in accepting the possibility of stability within life and time’s transitory bounds. Like the Heisenberg principle, it is impossible to quantify concretely what is constantly in motion, flowing and evolving.

Favorite Spots

The Meadows for everything from lectures to Platos to the tennis courts to a great steam and a quick walk to the music tent!

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